88-13, Chusan-gil, Buk-myeon, Ulleung-gun,
Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea KOSMOS



How to get to Ulleungdo, a Mysterious Island

Ulleungdo ship transportation

  • You may check the operating schedule of a wanted day by making a phone call to a liner company or by  visiting the homepage of such a liner company for booking a seat in advance. If necessary, please  refer to a liner company for some information on a shuttle bus or a parking lot.
    • Since where a liner will be operated or not and an operation hour might be changed depending on a climate condition, you would better check the schedule one day earlier than the wanted date.
    • For shipping a car, you may use a liner, ‘Sun Flower (at Pohang Port)’ or ‘Sea Star (at Mukho port)’.
    • It is highly possible that ‘Sea Star No. 7’ at Mukho port and ‘Sun Flower’ at Pohang port might be  operated even under a bad weather condition. (in case of less than 3m of waves) 
    • ※ Scale of a Vessel: Mukho Sea Start NO 7 and Pohang Sun Flower (for around 900passengers) > Gangreung Sea Star No. 3 & Pohang Woorinuri (for around 500passengers) > Gangreung Sea Star No. 5, Mukho Sea Star No. 1, Pohang Sun Rise and Hoopo Sea Flower (for around 450passengers)
    • The operation hours of a liner may be changed  or cancelled depending on the climate situation or an off (peak) season. Thus, please book one in advance after making an inquiry without missing.
    • For shipping a car, please use a liner, ‘Sun Flower (at Pohang Port)’ or ‘Sea Star (at Mukho Port)’ 
        Inquiries : 054)247-9300(Pohang Port), 033)534-8899(Mukho Port), 054)791-7400(Ulleung Port)

    Rental car & Taxi

    • In case of using a taxi, it is essential to book one in advance.
    • One-Way Trip Time to KOSMOS is 20 to 30minutes by taxi and a fare might be around 20,000 to 30,000won.