COVID-19 Prevention System

In order to offer a pleasant and safe environment for our guests, our resort requires all employees to wear masks. We further implemented a new cleaning and safety protocol as we operate daily disinfection and cleaning procedures in all of our rooms and facilities.
Our Kosmos Resort has installed alcohol-based hand sanitizers in all areas of our hotel, and a welcome healing kit (including hand sanitizer, tracking maps, and special snacks from Ulleungdo) for all our stay-guests.


MAKING FILM (Timelapse)





Architect Prof. Kim Chan Jung

2016 Rising architects of the world TOP 20 selected by UK Wall Paper.
Visiting professor at Kyunghee University Graduate School of Architecture.

The first time I encountered this cliff-edge land near Songgotsan Mountain, I thought of a paradoxical idea to build something other than a building as an architect. Because it was not a courtesy to nature to express the still yet dynamic stories of nature formed around Songgotsan Mountain for tens of thousands of years through human manipulated acts. I thought all I could do was allow this building and its users to stay in harmony in the natural flow we called energy. I have created the basic shape of KOSMOS considering the still and mysterious path of the sun and the moon observed with the help of an astronomical weather station computer and the six spiral branches for encountering mysterious natural phenomena surrounding the site were built in such a way that the people and nature staying in it can be connected in the flow of energy.

I wanted it to be a container of ‘energy’ rather than a building, and I hoped it to become a kind of celestial tool that can contemplate and feel the natural phenomenon of the universe and the earth. Kosmos (the root of Cosmos, ancient Greek) is also named in this context. I hope KOSMOS, which was created by combining cutting-edge design and technology, reacts with the primitive scenery of Ulleungdo and the mysterious power to be integrated into the very nature of Ulleungdo for a long time to come.